TVU Partyline™


TVU Partyline™ remote collaboration and conferencing for live video production.

Bring together production crews, talent and guests from anywhere in the world to interact, discuss, control and participate virtually in a live production as if they were physically sitting next to each other.

Anyone can easily join a live session using a simple web link
Like most video conferencing platforms, inviting guests and fans to your live program has been made as simple as possible. Guests can join a conference room from any web browser using the link or the meeting ID provided by the host, as well as from any smartphone using the TVU Anywhere mobile app

Integrates seamlessly across the TVU ecosystem and any SDI-based production system
TVU PartylineTM is a Real Time Interactive Layer (RTIL) that can operate with several TVU solutions. It uses TVU’s patented IS+ transmission protocol to ensure broadcast quality video and audio, as well as signal resiliency throughout a TVU PartylineTM session over the public internet, regardless of the number of participants.

Latest TVU Solutions integrated with TVU PartylineTM:
> TVU Producer 3.0 Cloud Production Platform
> TVU Anywhere mobile transmitter app

Easily manage an unlimited number of participants with pre-defined profiles

You can assign participants to specific rooms and attribute different profiles with pre-defined parameters for the right audio / video set-up. Distinguish the crew (left channel) from the talents (stereo). It’s extremely simple to screen external contributors prior adding them to the live program through our TVU Producer cloud production platform for example.


Designed For Remote Production

Production Management Features
Designed for live video production needs, TVU PartylineTM provides control and management:

  • Enable and disable private communication between producer and anchor without any additional IFB channel.
  • Auto-distinguish between voice from guest and production crew for an effective production

Automated Mix minus feedback elimination to achieve unique level of collaboration

Achieve a unique level of communication and interaction from remote locations with mix minus feed delivered on program output back to the remote talents. Mix minus ensures there is no feedback or echoes in the conference line – even without headphones – while being able to see the final program output in real-time.

Transform virtual group meetings with broadcast quality real-time collaboration in the cloud

  • Undetectable video and audio delay.
  • Full HD live feeds, with perfectly synchronized audio and video using the public internet.
  • Video return accessible to all contributors to view program feeds in real-time.
  • Perfectly synchronized signals.
  • Automated tally notification.
  • Inform teams of the latest updates on a reliable and secure platform.

Grow fan engagement – Output user generated content across multiple channels in one click

Patented IS+ technology enables full broadcast quality signals to be transmitted seamlessly to TVU Transceivers, TVU Grid or TVU Producer cloud-based production platform for instantaneous distribution to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Share your live program in a secure manner in one click on TV, social media, CDNs and websites.

All major media workflows such as SDI, NDI, SRT and SMPTE 2110 are supported.