19″ LED On-Camera Unit

Autoscript was the first prompting manufacturer to apply LED technology to its TFT monitor range, bringing significant advantages over fluorescent backlit monitors:

  • Increased display longevity
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher contrast levels for greater clarity
  • Smooth, fast refresh, resulting in less strain on the eyes
  • More detailed rendering for non standard alphabet languages
  • 4.3 format essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters eyes
  • Instant warm-up to full brightness
  • Systems can be used with standard, wide angle and extra wide-angle hoods
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Autoscript is widely recognised as the industry leader, and the company is without question known for delivering quality products and great service. When it came to selecting prompting equipment for these state-ofthe-art studios, Autoscript was the obvious choice. The robustness of the equipment, together with the high brightness LED screens that can cope with studio lighting, were also key factors in the purchase.